Demonstrating Astrology

In recent years, astrologers have started to look at the possibility that the horoscope is actually dynamic and changing rather than fixed and static. This move has enabled studies to be done which look at relationship astrology particularly, from a radically different perspective. The consequence of this shift in perspective is the ability of astrologers to demonstrate some astrological effects which were previously thought to be matters of faith.

This website enables you to witness these astrological effects in a graphic format.

Of course this is not a simple matter and a great deal of work had to be done to enable this demonstration to take place. If you take the time to actually look at this subject in just a little depth, you will see that it is obviously true.

In order to grasp how astrology can be demonstrated, a new concept must be introduced which bears some resemblence to some of the author Kurt Vonneguts literary ideas. Vonnegut wrote about a race of aliens called Tralfamadorians. These beings perceived all things in four dimensions instead of three. As such, a Tralfamadorian would see a human being as a millipede; with babies legs at one end and old persons legs at the other. This is how a persons horoscope must be viewed - not as a single fixed entity - a photograph of the positions of the planets at the moment of birth - but as a four dimensional horoscope which begins at the moment of birth and continues for the following few months, each day representing a year of life.

If we view the horoscope as a cylinder rather than a flat photograph we can then demonstrate astrology more easily than if we concentrate on the smaller picture shown in the fixed horoscope for the moment of birth.

Welcome to a new paradigm.